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Once again, the great debate about tort reform is heating up throughout this Country. Proponents love to cite the most well-known supposed “frivolous lawsuit” is the story of Stella Liebeck – the woman who was burned by hot coffee from McDonalds. Thought I would give some brief facts about the case to show you how corporations ahve managed to get Americans to turn on themselves.

1: Stella Liebeck was a 79-year-old grandmother who was the passenger in her grandson’s car.

2: McDonalds served the coffee at roughly 190 degrees. 190 Degree liquid will cause third-degree burns within 2-7 seconds of contact with the skin.

3: Stella was wearing cotton jogging pants, and the 190 degree liquid soaked into the pants. She received third-degree burns to her thighs and genitals.

4: McDonalds admitted that the coffee was not fit for human consumption at the temperature they served it.

5: Over 700 men, women, and children had been burned prior to Stella’s lawsuit.

6: Stella offered to settle with McDonalds just for her medical bills. They refused.

Now tell me, was Stella after McDonalds money or was she simply trying to stop someone else from being injured.

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