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September 22, 2010

Parents of infants using Similac infant formula should be aware that the manufacturer is recalling five million containers of the formula due to potential for beetles in the product, according to a report by Reuters.

Abbott Laboratories announced today that it is recalling certain lots of Similac power sold in plastic containers and Similac powder sold in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans. Abbott instituted the recall after an inspection of their Sturgis, Michigan facility found insects. Two consumers have reported insects in products purchased. According to the manufacturer, there is a remote possibility that these Similac products may contain a small common beetle or larvae.

The recall affects Similac infant formula products sold in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and parts of the Caribbean.

Parents or retailers can check if certain products are under recall by entering the lot number here. Concerned parents can also call 800-986-8850. However, reports that consumers are having a difficult time verifying which products are under recall because the website lot checker is not working and the phone number is continually busy.

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that while the formula containing these beetles poses no immediate health risk, there is a possibility that infants who consume formula containing the beetles or their larvae, could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract,” Abbot said. “If these symptoms persist for more than a few days, a physician should be consulted.”

Abbott liquid infant formulas are not under recall. Products not involved in the recall include all Abbott Nutrition liquid ready-to-feed and concentrated infant formulas and all powder and liquid specialty formulas, such as Similac Expert Care™ Alimentum®, Elecare ®, Similac Expert Care™ Neosure ®, Similac® Human Milk Fortifier, and metabolic formulas for inherited disorders.

"Abbott understands that parents expect to feed their children only the highest quality product. We are taking this action so that parents know that the infant formula products they provide unquestionably meet the highest quality standards for which they are known,” said Holger Liepmann, executive vice president of Abbott Nutrition. “We regret any inconvenience this situation poses to parents and consumers."

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  1. Gravatar for Nicole Mitchell

    I am a mother that has a child that has consumed recalled formula since her birth that we are just finding out happened! My daughter is 5 weeks old and has had stomach problems since we started her on formula, I was breastfeeding and didnt produce enough for the 8lb baby, I am very displeased with the fact I couldnt provide that for my daughter and that I had to use formula to find out 5 weeks after the start of it she has had stomach issues. She screams her little head of in pain because of the bellyache, I feel that we as mother's should be compinsated with more than just the refund that the company is wanting to give to us. My daughter has been to the doctor numerous times to see what was wrong. Little did we know that the food she was receiving was contaminated! Now I can not call the company or email the company to express my disgust with them due to the website being down and the telephones not working when I call, this is by far rediculous, someone(s) were not doing their jobs, I have had numerous nights and days without sleep due to my daughter not feeling well, she is on a new can that is not contaminated and seems some better but she has had a month worth of contaminated food with Insect parts and Eggs. Pretty sick if you ask me!

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