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Having a loved one going into a hospital to get any type of surgery is very scary for everyone involved. For thousands of people the anxiety of getting their loved one into the hospital was just the beginning of a complete nightmare. This was the situation for two Illinois residents who were given the highly dangerous drug Trasylol when undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. This drug which caused such severe damage that both patients who underwent the surgery suffered acute renal failure of the kidneys, and death for one of the complainant’s significant other.

Trasylol, a drug manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, was approved in the early 90’s to lower the amount of blood loss during surgery. It was recently taken off the market after it was shown that the drug caused more than 15,000 deaths and put more than 8,000 patients on dialysis as a result of damage done to the kidneys. Both parties are looking for a combined settlement of more than $1,000,000 from Bayer Pharmaceuticals for the failure to warn the FDA, and patients of the side effects of the drug that the company deliberately withheld from the public.

It is unacceptable that Trasylol killed over 15,000 people when Bayer Pharmaceuticals could have done something to prevent this from happening. The circumstances surrounding the situation are too clear, it would have been one thing if the company had not done any tests to see if the drug was working properly, but they did. They knew about how lethal the side effects were and still continued to distribute it to hospitals around the country. This brings up the validity of Bayer Pharmaceuticals ethics and what their top priorities are. It is understandable that the company wanted to make a profit, but it was at the expense of thousands of lives, and thousands more who were put on dialysis. Bayer Pharmaceuticals completely disregarded their patients safety and well being in order to make money. Besides putting the blame completely on Bayer Pharmaceuticals the FDA also is partly to blame for all of these deaths. This is because when rumors of these serious side effects came out they investigated the situation instead of hiring a professional drug research company to investigate. While this was going on hundreds of lives were lost when they could have been saved. While the ethics of the FDA are normally good, their attitude when these allegations occurred should make consumers from all over the United States wonder if there are other drugs out there that are having the same effect on patients, and if there are drugs like that then why isn’t the FDA doing something to stop it. We put our complete trust in the FDA and after this happened people should be wondering about each and every drug they are being administered and if it could be the next deadly drug.

Summary: The deaths and injuries suffered as a result of Trasylol could have been prevented. If you or a loved one suffered at the hands of Bayer Pharmaceuticals join hundreds and file a class action lawsuit.

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