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World Trade Center Illness Plan Stopped

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A plan the would have allowed greater access to health care for those suffering from World Trade Center Illness was stopped by the CDC. The proposed program would have reimbursed doctors for treating patients that live outside of the New York City area. Many rescuers traveled from across the country and are now feeling the effects of the toxic fumes and materials that filled the air following September 11th.

The contract had aimed to organize and improve various Sept. 11 health programs and provide pharmacy benefits. Health officials feared the work could cost up to $165 million, far more than the $52 million Congress had provided.

“Obviously, we had a big gap that made the contract unreasonable,” Alan Kotch, the CDC’s director of procurement and grants, told The Associated Press. He said federal officials would go back to the drawing board to make sure they get “the best possible product” that is realistic.

Delegates from New York to Congress have been working on securing funding and creating a plan to help this portion of those affected by World Trade Center Illness. The called the decision to halt the project unfair to those that do not live near New York City.