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New York Construction Worker Struck and Killed by Truck

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A construction worker, 37, of Dayton, was struck and killed in a construction accident, Wednesday, by a co-worker driving an excavator.

Dennis John, Cattaraugus County Sheriff, “It’s an accident where I think it was inattention on the flagman, taking for granted that the excavator wasn’t coming his way, walked in the path and once the excavator got a hold of his foot or whatever, there was nothing else he could do.”

A truck driver on the scene witnessed the horrific accident. He says the man tried to alert the driver of the excavator but it was too late.

A county truck driver had seen the flagman walk behind the truck and within seconds his helmet rolled into the middle of the road. He sounded his horn to get the operator of the truck to stop.

County officials are currently investigating the accident. An accident reconstruction team was on the scene to determine how this tragic accident occurred.

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