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Negligence at a Construction Site

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Both the Federal government and state governments have implemented special laws that are in place to protect the health and safety of construction workers. It is important that both employers and employees adhere to these regulations in order to make the construction site a safer place to work.

However, with so many hazards around it is hardly surprising that so many accidents and deaths still take place every year on construction sites, despite the many regulations with regards to safety equipment, protective gear, and general health and safety regulations. In other words, construction workers are often at a great risk for suffering from a construction accident due to the dangers of the field. A construction accident can lead to death and/or a serious debilitating injury. It can cause you to be unable to work for prolonged periods.

Accidents at a construction site can take place for many reasons that are not the employee’s fault. It can be due to the negligence of an employer or in some cases a sub-contractor. Employers sometimes fail to tell employees of the risks associated with a particular job or fail to provide the proper safety training, warnings, or personal protective equipment.

Anyone that has sustained an injury as the result of a construction site accident that was not his or her own fault should quickly contact us. Not only can your quality of life be affected, but your ability to provide for your family can be affected as well.