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Investigation into 2 Firefighters' Deaths in New York

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Police opened an investigation into a fire this week that killed two firefighters at the site of a ground zero skyscraper with a broken water supply system. According to media reports, both the New York State Attorney’s office and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Offices were investigating the matter.

There was no functioning sprinkler system in the skyscraper that could have put out the fire on the 17th floor, and the building is still rife with asbestos and World Trade Center dust.

The building that caught fire is the 41-story building that directly abuts Ground Zero. The south tower of the World Trade Center fell into it a tore a big gash, spreading World Trade Center toxic dust and remains everywhere. The cleanup of the building was a great controversy after the fall of the towers because of the dispute over who should be liable.

The building is a legacy of the 9/11 tragedy that took so many lives on September 11, 2001, when hijackers flew jets into the World Trade Center complex.

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