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Federal Study Shows Lack of Consistent World Trade Center Illness Programs

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A new study was released by the Government Accountability Office showing that the goverment lacks clear and consistent programs to diagnose and treat people that have affected by World Trade Center Illness. There is also a wide range of cost estimates to implement a course of action.

The agency overseeing 9/11 health issues, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, “does not have a reliable cost estimate of serving responders,” the 40-page GAO report found.

NIOSH’s estimate of $230 million to $283 million a year “included potential costs for certain program changes that may not be implemented, and in the absence of actual treatment cost data, they relied on questionable assumptions,” the investigators said, adding that it is unclear if the true cost will be higher or lower.

It is estimated that over 400,000 people were exposed to the toxic and harmful dust at Ground Zero. Only 71,000 people have signed up for monitoring of their condition. There is also not a clear program in place for people around the country that responded to the scene to help.