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Children Exposed to Toxic Dust Following 9/11 Have Developed Respiratory Symptoms

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New data shows 1,700 children exposed to toxic dust following the attacks on the World Trade Center have developed respiratory symptoms.

53% of the 3,100 children included in the survey, all of which are enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Registry, suffer from symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing, according to the city health department.

The survey also found that children exposed to the toxic dust are twice as likely to develop asthma then that of the general population.

Among children in Lower Manhattan who were not exposed to the dust cloud, 12% had asthma. In an analysis of the children’s mental health, the data indicates that 3% — or 77 children — showed symptoms that suggested posttraumatic stress.

The findings of this survey are consistent with data amongst adults exposed to toxic dust from the World Trade Center. A follow up survey is being conducted now to determine the long term health affects of the World Trade Center collapse.