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Another Construction Crane Falls in New York

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New York is the scene of another construction crane tragedy today.  At least one person is dead after a crane working on construction site in Mahattan fell 20 stories.  Firefighters are combing through the wreckage to find victims.  The buildings in the area have been evacuated.

The top section of the crane smashed into “The Electra” apartment building, which is more than 20 floors high, on 91st Street and First Avenue. The crane was working on a building under construction across the street from the apartment building.

It is unknown why the crane fell.  Authorities are concerned with rescuing anyone that may be trapped.  Mayor Bloomberg called the construction accident “unacceptable.”

This is the second large construction crane accident in three months.  In March a crane fell and killed seven people.  The city has been working on cracking down on building code violations and hiring more inspectors.