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CPSC: Escaping the Invisible Killer

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently released a new study that shows readily available technology can largely help to lessen deadly carbon monoxide (CO) emission rates from certain portable generators.

The technology can allow critical timing for consumers to recognize and escape the deadly gas. There have been at least 755 CO deaths involving generators from 1999 through 2011.

The study outlined one method for reducing the generator engines CO emission rate which greater increased and predicted escape time by twelve times the current time. The study also showed that the predicted escape time for consumers in the house, as opposed to the garage was greatest. Escape time is measured by the onset of symptoms and incapacitation.

With fall nearly upon us, the agency continues to urge consumers to never run their portable generators in their attached garages, in or even near their houses, including avoiding placement outside near windows or vents. Generators should only be used outside, far away from homes. CPSC cautions that even if portable gasoline-powered generators were to incorporate this technology, they would still need to be used outside, far from the home. The technology does not make them safe for indoor use.

Read more of the study by visiting the CPSC Website.