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$150 Million a Year Needed for World Trade Center Sick

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Maybor Bloomberg has called on the federal government to pay $150 Million a year to pay for the health care of World Trade Center Illness victims.  A $1 Billion fund that was set up is untouchable due to lawsuits.  The mayor spoke at a luncheon attended by California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger.

The request for the health payments was among the top priorities for the mayor, who provided an update on Thursday for his second and last term that ends in 2010.

As home to numerous billionaires, the city regularly plays host to political fund raisers and Bloomberg said he wants donors to ask the country’s politicians to support his priorities.

Thousands of people that responded to Ground Zero to help in the rescue and cleanup have fallen ill.  It is believed that toxic fumes and materials they came in contact with is responsible.