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Woman To Move Forward with Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

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A Plainfield woman who allegedly slipped and fell in a Watchung, Walmart store will be able to move forward with her lawsuit.

A Superior Court decision was revered by state appeals last week which had dismissed the complaint.

“The appellate judges said a jury could conclude that Wal-Mart “knew or should have known of the dangerous, slippery condition and that it posed a hazardous condition for customers,” according to the decision.”

The decision essentially means that the case is returned to active status for a settlement or trial. The original incident took place on July 9, 2010 when the woman walked to the self-service checkout area to purchase something and she slipped and fell, according to the appellate decision. Store surveillance confirms the woman fell as claimed.

The victim suffered injuries to her neck, lower back and shoulder. The suit was filed on July 2011 and it was dismissed by the Superior Court in October.

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