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Mauled 6 Year Old a Hero after Shielding Two Other Small Kids from Dog Attack

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April 11, 2011

Two four-year-old children are unharmed thanks to the heroic actions of a six-year-old boy who shielded them from a vicious dog attack.

On Thursday afternoon in Homestead, FL, Timo Perez, 6, played in his own backyard with his younger brother and a neighbor when an aggressive German shepherd mix dog came into the yard. Timo quickly ushered his brother and neighbor underneath a parked pickup truck and used his own body as a shield as the vicious dog attacked.

"I wanted to save my brother," Timo told WSVN News. "Then, he started attacking me."

The New York Daily News reports that Timo’s father hit the dog with a shovel and chased it off.

Timo was rushed to Miami Children’s Hospital with injuries to his head, shoulder and arm requiring staples and stitches.

Animal control captured the dog and euthanized it.

The dog was from a nearby business, which has received two citations from police.

1 Comment

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    The business who owned the dog should be held reliable for the poor kids medical expenses. It’s not the dogs fault, if it’s tied up to a chain 24/7 for the sake of property protection. There are no bad dogs, there are only bad owners. Shame on these owners.