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Man Arrested After Staging Slip and Fall In Western NY

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A 46-year-old western New York man who pretended to slip and fall at a local store has been charged with insurance fraud.

The man claims he was injured when he tripped and fell over a rug at a grocery store in Jamestown on July 24th, according to authorities. He was taken to the hospital and treated for an alleged back injury. He then submitted an insurance claim to the Farm Fresh market’s insurance company.

After viewing surveillance footage, investigators later discovered that he had laid down on the floor after adjusting the rug to make it appear as if he had tripped and fell.

When authorities informed him of the video, he withdrew his claim. Authorities arrested him last month and also charged him with attempted petit larceny for submitting an $860 ambulance bill to the store for payment.

He faces up to a year in prison, if convicted. #