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May Is Motorcycle Safety Month

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The month of May is dedicated to Motorcycle Safety Awareness. Sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the campaign aims to remind drivers to be cognizant of motorcyclists during the busier summer months.

An estimated two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents occur with a passenger car. The NHTSA reminds us that there are simple steps to become more aware of motorcyclists on the roads:

* Give the motorcyclist a full name of travel. Remember the motorcycle deserves the same privileges of any vehicle on the roadway.

* Watch for motorcyclists on the highway – at intersections – when the rider may be making a left turn or changing lanes. Clearly signal your intentions.

* Obstructions you may avoid in your vehicle (i.e. pot holes, debris etc.) can be deadly for a motorcyclist.

* Always allow adequate space between you and a motorcycle – don’t follow too closely.

For more motorcycle safety tips and statistics, visit the NHTSA campaign Web site.