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Schumer comes to aid of Ground Zero Workers

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U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer just publicly called for an end to the continued actions of the WTC Captive Insurance Company in failing to pay the claims of those who are injured or ill as a result of their work at Ground Zero. He correctly stated that the Company appeared to be more concerned with technical legal arguments, than paying those who are injured from their work at the site. As you may recall, Senator Schumer fought to secure the $1 billion federal funding in the months after 9/11 so the injured could be taken care of.

In our ever cynical world where we oft times forget about our heroes, finally a voice of reason has arisen demanding that these injured be taken care of. Senator Schumer stated that “unfortunately, it has been widely reported that the WTC Captive Insurance Company has instead spent significant portions of its limited resources litigating a technical legal question rather than moving forward with paying claims of those who were injured at the site. The company has spent more than $31.6 million since 2004 on overhead and expenses – including $22 million on legal fees.”

Apparently, the Company has chosen to line the pockets of the uninjured rather than helping the actual injured who braved the months and years after 9/11. Does anyone else find it shameful that it takes the actions of a U.S. Senator to lend a voice of reason to an insurance company? Frankly, I’m not surprised and neither should you be. This is the factual world in which we live in where the injured go years without receiving compensation for their injuries while the uninjured live without constraints and obviously without money issues.