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Man, 84, Suing City After Alercation Over Jaywalking

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A Manhattan man, 84, was left bruised, bleeding and humiliated by NYPD officers during a jaywalking ticket. That man is now preparing to file a $5 million lawsuit.

The man has lived in the same neighborhood for almost five decades but on January 19, while returning to his apartment, he walked onto a nightmarish police operation hatched by local officers in response to a spate of fatal pedestrian accidents.

According to reports the man injured his arm, head and ribs due to the altercation with cops.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has called the incident “unfortunate.” But on Friday, the NYPD News’ Twitter account quoted Bratton at the CompStat meeting praising the 24th Precinct cops and their commander for “taking action, addressing jaywalking.”

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment.