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Insurance Company being sued by Trent Lott

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Like thousands of other homeowners, Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) lost his home when Hurricane Katrina roared ashore. And like thousands of his constituents, Lott has not been able to get his insurer to pay for replacing his house. The insurance companies are alleging the damage from the hurricane is from floods that are excluded in their policies. However, Sen. Lott, like his constituents is suing an insurance company alleging wind and wind-driven water that destroyed their homes. Wind damage is covered by homeowner’s policies.

Isn’t it ironic that a senator who claims to want to deter lawsuits and votes for “tort reform,” brings his own lawsuit? It’s like the hypocrisy of doctors bringing class actions against health insurers. They all claim to want tort reform and claim to think lawsuits should be deterred, but when it comes to their rights, don’t stand in their way. Remember this when an insurance company is denying coverage on some exclusion, even our most powerful elect see the need to protect their rights, so protect yours as well.