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Medical Reform

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With legislation in several states kicking into full gear around this time of year; we are beginning to hear the outcry lawsuit reform under various and auspicious names. Whether it be called lawsuit reform, tort reform, or in one state Common Sense in the Courtroom Act, I think its time to discuss a little about a rarely heard subject, medical reform. In most states the medical profession self-policies itself. Doctors clamor about how they weed out bad doctors but the reality is that about the only way a doctor loses his/her license is by sleeping with multiple patients and/or drinking or using drugs while on the job. So how do doctors police themselves when it comes to blatantly injuring individuals through malpractice? The reality is that they don’t. So how about some medical reform where the public actually knows where to voice complaints against doctors and maybe a place where individuals can see how many complaints and/or malpractice actions have been instituted against a doctor.