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$24 Million Awarded in Medical Malpractice Case

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A man from Illinois was awarded $24 Million in a medical malpractice case that he brought against the doctor and nurse practioner that treated him. He was undergoing surgery for kidney stones when he had a heart attack. The man is now confined to a wheelchair.

As a result of the oxygen interruption, Porter lost most of his fine motor skills and suffers from spastic movement, severe double vision and slow, slurred speech, making him difficult to understand, according to his attorney James Ginzkey, of Bloomington. However, Porter, who uses a wheelchair, can understand others. He is married and has two children. Before the surgery, Porter worked for a phone company.

He settled out of court with another doctor and nurse anesthetist for $1 million each. The jury was shown a videotape of a day in the man’s life and his attorney credits that with showing the jury the struggles the man now contends with daily. There is no word on whether an appeal will be filed.