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Queens Students Injured In Bus Crash

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A charter bus transporting students from a Queens high school, overturned in Central Ohio, injuring several children and adults.

The students, from William Cullen Bryant High School, were on their way back from a robotics completion in Missouri on Sunday morning when the bus overturned on a ramp traveling from I-70 eastbound to I-270.

According to a dispatcher, it was raining heavily at the time of the accident, but police have not yet released an official cause of the accident and continues to investigate. The injured children and adults were taken to a local hospital for treatment and released.

Following the accident, a representative of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration told WBNS the Maryland-based company operating the charter bus had not responded to three recent letters requesting a compliance audit.

The company has been issued a warning by the State of Maryland about a license revocation within 10 days, reports WBNS. Prior to the crash, a mandatory inspection was underway.