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Recall – Blue Buffalo Dog Food Due To Excessive Vitamin D

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Several lots of “Blue” brand dog food have been recalled by The Blue Buffalo Company due to excessive amounts of Vitamin D.

While Vitamin D is a beneficial component to these foods, the amount contained in the recalled foods is beyond specifications. To this date, 36 dogs have displayed symptoms consistent with elevated Vitamin D in their systems including lethargy, frequent water consumption and urination and in some cases vomiting. All animals recovered.

A complete list of the dog foods affected by this recall can be viewed on the FDA Web site.

Pet owners who dogs may show adverse reactions to the recalled products should have their pet checked by a veterinarian.

Consumers are urged to return the recalled products to the place of purchase for a refund. For more information call 877-523-9114 or visit them online at bluebuffalo.com/news.