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Procrit, Epogen Recalled By Amgen

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Amgen announced a voluntary recall of certain lots of Epogen and Procrit, both anemia drugs, as a precaution because it may contain glass flakes that could cause blood clots, immune system reactions and other health problems.

These drugs are used for the treatment of anemia related to HIV therapy, chemotherapy and chronic renal failure, according to the FDA.

The company says the flakes are caused by the interaction of the drug with glass vials over the product’s shelf life.

In most cases, the flakes are barely visible and there have been no complaints or reports about problems that can be directly linked to the glass flakes, Amgen said.

Patients who have experienced any adverse effects should immediately contact their medical doctor.

The affected product lot numbers and expiration dates are included on the following Web sites www.epogen.com and www.procrit.com.