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FDA Issues Letters To Web Sites For Selling Unapproved and Misbranded Drugs

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On Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued 22 warning letters to Web site operators regarding illegal sales of misbranded drugs and/or unapproved drugs.

The move ends a weeklong international effort aimed at curbing illegal actions regarding medical products, including sales. In total, the agency and its partners in the program targeted 136 Web sites that appeared to be engaged in the illegal selling of medical products.

The involved pharmacies were not located in Canada or the U.S.

According to the letters, the sites sold powerful controlled substances including Valium and Xanax and also Viagra. Some sites also offered prescription drugs that are not yet approved for distribution or sale in the U.S.

Many of the Web sites listed in the complaint, such as 24-7meds.com and Wellknowndrugs.com have already been taken offline, according to Karen Riley and FDA spokeswoman.

More information can be found on the FDA Web site.