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Baby Formula Recalled By Gerber Due To Off-Odor

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An “off-odor” prompted the recall of some Gerber – Good Start Gentle powdered infant formula.

Gerber Products Co. is replacing the recalled formula which is in a 23.2 ounce plastic package with batch number GXP1684, said a statement by the company on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Web site. The expiration date for the recalled formula is March 5, 2013.

According to Gerber, “The product does not pose a health or safety risk, but it may have an off-odor.” However, “In some cases, spit-up and other gastrointestinal complaints may have been reported.”

Consumers can contact the Gerber Parents Resource Center at (800) 487-7763 for more information or to request a replacement. The company is also working with retailers to ensure all remaining products, from this batch, are removed from shelves.

No other Gerber products are involved in the recall.