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Safety Tips After A Storm

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The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have compiled a list of important safety tips in the aftermath of a storm.

Portable Generators – should never be used in a closed environment. They should be kept as far away from windows, doors and vents as possible. Follow the owner’s manual pertaining to your specific generator for more information.

Grills and Camp Stoves – these items should also be used outdoors. Burning a camp stove or charcoal grill in an enclosed space can produce extreme levels of carbon monoxide which can be lethal.

Carbon Monoxide – alarms should be put near each sleeping area on every level of the home to detect CO poisoning. From 1999-2010, nearly 600 generator-related CO deaths have been reported to CPSC.

Gas and Electrical Safety – Stay away from downed wires and cable wires – they may be live with deadly voltage. Any and all electrical components that may have been submerged in water should not be used. If you are unsure, have a qualified electrician inspect them for you. Smell and listen for leaky gas connections, if you believe there may be a gas leak, leave the premises.

Candles – they are convenient in these situations and smell good too but opt for a flashlight whenever possible. If you must use a candle be careful not to burn them near anything that may catch fire. Extinguish candles when leaving the room, never leave them unattended.

Keep your family safe in the aftermath of a storm by following these important safety tips from CPSC and USFA.