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Four Hospitalized With Botulism in Recall

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Four people have been hospitalized for treatment to Botulism exposure. The Botulism has been linked to products made by Castleberry Food Co. at their plant in Georgia. The products have been recalled and include canned meats, stews, and chilis.

FDA advised consumers to search their cupboards and shelves for any of the products, which are identified with a USDA seal that has “Est. 195″ printed on it. Those cans should not be opened under any circumstances, says Robert Brackett, director of FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

“Discard them immediately. Double-bag the cans in plastic bags that are tightly closed, then place them in a trash receptacle outside the home,” Brackett says.

Botulinum is so toxic that it can cause paralysis merely by breathing it in or exposing it to broken skin, he says.

Food borne botulism in the United States is very rare. The last reported case was in 1971. Over 90 brands of canned goods have been recalled.

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