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"Essentials" Children's Jewelry Recalled for Lead Poisoning

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“Essentials” children’s metal jewelry, made by Future Industries, is being recalled because of a lead poisoning hazard. The recalled jewelry sets contain high levels of lead. If ingested by small children, lead can be toxic and lead to adverse health effects.

The recalled jewelry sets include a: necklace bracelet and earrings made of blue, green or pink plastic beads. The necklaces have painted metallic pendants in the shape of girls, shoes, blackboards and “ABCD,” or school buses.

Other sets also included in the recall are a necklace and seven pendants set (one for each weekday). The pendants are shaped like sandals, butterflies or purses. “Essentials for Kids” is printed on the jewelry packaging.

Consumers should take the recalled jewelry away from children immediately and return it to the store for a full refund or contact Future Industries for more information.