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Electric Log Splitters from Lowe’s are Recalled Due to Laceration and Amputation Hazard

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July 7, 2011

Task Force 5-Ton Electric Log Splitters, sold exclusively at Lowe’s home improvement stores, are being recalled because users are at risk of hand injuries, including cuts and finger amputation.

According to a release by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), consumers can suffer cuts and finger amputations when the machine is in operation by placing their hand on the handle meant for moving the machine. The hydraulic arm slides under this handle during use and can strike a hand placed there.

One 18-year-old man using this log splitter suffered the amputation of his fingertip and another 60-year-old man sustained a cut to his finger.

Lowe’s sold these log splitters across the United States from January 2008 through March 2011.

Affected by the recall are 20,000 Task Force Log Splitters with a Model #26083 and Item #241483. Consumers can find the name “Task Force” printed on the side rail of the log splitter and the model and item numbers on the power switch label at the rear of the log splitter.

Consumers should immediately stop using this log splitter and contact the manufacturer Changzhou Globe Tool Group Co. Ltd. toll-free at (866) 456-8934 or send an e-mail to logsplitter@sunrisetools.ca to receive a free set of warning labels to place on the unit to warn of the danger.