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E. Coli in your Spinach

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Its not safe to eat Spinach anymore, what a horrible way to get sick. As you may know yhe E. coli outbreak from spinach has sickened at least 175 people, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday. More than half, 93, were hospitalized, including a 77-year-old Wisconsin woman who died.

Two other deaths have been reported in suspected cases — a child in Idaho and an elderly woman in Maryland. Those cases are being investigated.

In addition to Dole, Natural Selection Foods has recalled more than 30 brands, including President’s Choice, Ready Pac, Trader Joe’s, Nature’s Basket, and Premium Fresh.

It was too soon to say whether any other brands beside Dole would turn out to have been contaminated, officials added. Calls to Dole’s headquarters in Westlake Village were not returned Monday.

Although the FDA has recommended that people not eat fresh, raw spinach, it said yesterday that spinach grown anywhere outside California’s Salinas Valley is safe to eat.