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Chrissie Cole

Securing Mobile Devices Against Security Attacks & Theft

With the world going mobile and people using their device for everything from getting directions, to social media to transferring money on a cellular device, security has to be a prime concern…

The Legal Examiner

“Cinnamon Challenge” a dangerous game says Poison Control Centers

What may seem as a harmless dare involving a common kitchen spice, could cause serious injury or death.

America’s 57 poison control centers are warning the public that a game called the…

The Legal Examiner

Mythbusters stunt sends cannonball into residential neighborhood

An experiment gone awry for the Mythbusters television show resulted in a cannonball rocketing into a residential neighborhood, damaging homes and a vehicle.

The Mythbusters staff was testing…

The Legal Examiner

FAA investigating how Lauren Scruggs walked into the spinning propeller of a plane

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is looking into an accident in which a beautiful young woman suffered horrific injuries from walking into a propeller after exiting a plane on Saturday,…

The Legal Examiner

Four students burned in school science experiment

Four students suffered burns after a science experiment performed by their teacher went horribly wrong.

Thursday morning, students in a ninth grade science class at Maple Grove Junior High…

The Legal Examiner

America’s farmers caught up in MF Global collapse

November 26, 2011

Rural America is a long way from Wall Street, but the bankruptcy of MF Global Holdings has affected an unexpected group, America’s farmers.

Farmers use futures…

The Legal Examiner

Explosions kill three and injure a dozen, destroy homes in three states over the weekend

November 13, 2011
Three explosions demolished residential homes in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan this weekend, tragically killing three people and injuring twelve others.
Early Sunday morning,…

The Legal Examiner

Toddler Rushed to Hospital after Applebee’s Serves Him Margarita Instead of Juice

April 10, 2011
The mother of 15-month-old toddler is upset after restaurant staff gave her child alcohol in his sippy cup.
According to AOL News, the incident occurred at an Applebee’s…

The Legal Examiner

NY Health Dept. Revises Screening Recommendations After Transplant Recipient Gets HIV

March 16, 2011
The New York State Department of Health has revised HIV testing recommendations for hospitals after a kidney transplant recipient contracted the virus from a donor liver after the…

Chris Lufrano

The Tax Consequences of Investment Recommendations- Do Broker’s Have a Duty?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently fined Bank of American Corp.’s Merrill Lynch unit $500,000 for to its failure to supervise its representatives involved in the…