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Chrissie Cole

Student Concussion Rules Passed In New York

New York lawmakers have passed new rules for treating and monitoring student athletes that suffer concussions.
The new rule – starting July 1 – requires immediate benching of any student…

Guest Author

Study Finds Cell Phone Use Stimulates the Brain

February 24, 2011
Government researchers have found that cell phone use affects the brain in the region closest to the antenna, but the long-term effects remain unknown.
A new study entitled…

Chrissie Cole

Helpful Tips To Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

An estimated 1.7 people suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And, of those, 52,000 will die. But…

Chrissie Cole

Study Links Brain Injury And Sleep Problems

A new study suggests people that have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may produce reduced amounts of melatonin — a hormone that regulates biological rhythms — which leads to sleep…

Chrissie Cole

“Minor” Head Injuries That Turn Deadly

The death of actress Natasha Richardson in March, from what initially appeared to be a minor head injury is more common than you might think.
Richardson was alert and conversational after she…

Chrissie Cole

Natasha Richardson Dies From Brain Injury

Natasha Richardson, 45, was alert and conversational after she fell and bumped her head at the end of a skiing lesson on Monday.
Back in her hotel room, just an hour later, she developed a…

Guest Author

The High Price To Pay For Concussions

Any athlete knows that part of playing a sport is getting injured. From a young age, children are taught by coaches to play through their injury unless it is unbearable. The problem with this…

Shannon Weidemann

Skull Thickness and Head Injury

A new study has shown that men have thinner skulls than women and it may make them more prone to head injury. Researchers at Ford Motor Company and Tianjin University of Science and Technology studied 3,000 people for skull thickness and shape. They found that skull thickness was on average 6.5 millimeters in men and 7.1 millimeters in women. Skull thickness, as one might expect, improves the…

Jeremy Thurman

Woman makes great strides after injury

Kerry McCann, a student at Essex County College, was awarded $1000 scholarship by the New Jersey Coalition on Women and Disabilities. Ms. McCann suffered a traumatic brain injury 13 years ago inflicted by her ex-boyfriend which left her permanently disabled. After years of rehabilitation, she began taking classes at Essex County College beginning in 2002. Ms. McCann is now president of the honor…

Staff Writer

ABC Health – Brain Injury Q&A

Yesterday, ABC News’ Health section posted a question and answer session with several experts in the field of brain trauma. The article offers some great insight into traumatic brain injury and includes answers to questions such as “Do brain cells ever grow back?” and “How durable is the brain? How much trauma can it take?”Read the full brain trauma article.