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Your Attorney or the Insurance Company?

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Who is more likely to work on your behalf where accident settlements are concerned? Have you ever been in a car wreck and had the other party’s (or your own) insurance adjuster promise you this great inruance settlement and tell you why you do not need an experienced personal injury attorney to handle the matter for you?

Beware! It is a ploy by the insurance companies to save money. Although this may be your first auto accident, these experienced adjusters handle thousands of cases a year and their job is to pay you the least amount of money possible

for your accident so as to save their insurance company money. After all, they don’t work for you, do they? There have even been cases of Insurance companies financially rewarding adjusters and claims managers for denying legitimate claims. Insurance adjusters do not want attorneys involved because they know they are going to have to pay a fair amount for the claim. You need someone who has worked these cases to provide you a level playing field with the insurance company.