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Two Children Killed In Car Accident In Western New York

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A car accident claimed the life of a brother and sister on the Thruway in Western New York, according to state police.

The father, Steven Ambrusko, of Buffalo, was traveling east on Interstate 90 when his vehicle drifted off the right shoulder and down an embankment overturning just after 5 p.m. Monday.

His two children, 4 and 6, were pronounced dead at the scene. The father was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

According to police, both children were properly restrained in booster seats in the back seat.

Officials are investigating the cause of the crash. At this time, weather does not appear to have been a factor.

Update – NY State police are internally investigating whether a trooper properly handled the accident report. According to Captain Michael Nigrelli, authorities received an accident report at 5:18 p.m., but the responding trooper was unable to find the vehicle.

It was three hours later, when Ambrusko regained consciousness that he was able to call for help and guide emergency crews to his location. #