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New York Man Trapped Beneath Car on Courthouse Steps

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A car jumped the curb, struck a coffee cart and plowed up the busy steps of Manhattan’s State Supreme Court Building, on Friday, injuring six and trapping one man beneath the vehicle.

Firefighters arrived to release the man whom was trapped under the front end of the vehicle following the car accident. They covered his face with a sheet to protect him from metal fragments and sparks as they used powerful saws to cut through the vehicle he was trapped under. They were able to cut the vehicle away and release the man safely.

Six people, including the trapped man and the driver, were transported to the hospital; none appeared to have suffered life-threatening injuries. Police were questioning the driver.

The courthouse steps where the accident occurred is in the opening shots of the popular television show “Law & Order.”

It is a “miracle” no one was killed in the accident. A few hours after the crash, a pedestrian was hit by a taxi across the street and about 60 feet away.