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Important Information Regarding Accident Investigations

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Your car is hit by another vehicle. You have so many issues to deal with within minutes of the impact. You may have sustained injuries that are temporary, some may require ongoing care and others could be life threatening. It is the details of the actual accident that could play a part in the level of compensation that you may be entitled to so it is important to know what information is going to play a part in the actual accident investigation.

Most personal injury attorneys have professional accident investigators that know exactly what information to look for to prove negligence and place blame on the party who is at fault. The right investigator will study the actual point of impact, look at the tire marks to determine the direction of each vehicle and a complete examination of both cars that were involved to look for additional proof of blame.

Witnesses to the accident will be interviewed and all areas will be covered to ensure an accurate account of the collision. A complete assessment of weather conditions, road conditions, and the workings of traffic lights in the vicinity of the accident. The driver’s past motor vehicle records could also be investigated and could show a history of speeding or DUIs or any number of driving violations.

The condition of the at-fault driver’s automobile may play a part in the accident and that is something that you may not know to investigate and or prove. If the car had defective brakes or bald tires, these issues could have played a part in how the accident occurred.
There are so many details involved in investigating an accident you should never leave it to chance. Proving that the other person was 100 percent at fault is the basis by which you can file a claim and recoup the compensation that is justly yours.

The lawyers at Naploli Bern Ripka LLP have the experience in dealing with accident investigations to know exactly what to look for. They have a working relationship with police officials and know the legal ramifications of traffic violations. They are able to read the accident reports and interpret them accurately.

Personal injury attorneys deal with accident claims on a daily basis. They know what factors are key to successfully settling a claim and how to deal with insurance companies who may fight the claim on their client’s behalf.

Everything that you can do to handle your situation in the most professional way will benefit you not only as you work to recover from your injuries but down the road if you are unable to work again and provide for yourself or your family.

Don’t leave your future or your family’s to chance. The only investigation that you should be concerned with is to find the best attorney to represent you and help you receive a fair yet comprehensive settlement. Give us a call at 1-888-LAW-IN-NY for a free consultation. We will put our expertise in handling personal injury claims that have resulted from automobile accidents to work for you.