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Distracted Driving Awareness

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April is dedicated to Distracted Driving Awareness. Talk to your kids and also to other adults.

Below are important distracted driving safety tips to ensure your safety on the road as well as the other vehicles on the road.

Don’t text, while driving; try not to talk on your cellphone whenever possible.

Make an effort to avoid any and all activities that keep your eyes off the road – included but not limited to changing the radio station, applying makeup, talking to other passengers in the vehicle and the like.

While teens, in particular, seem to be more prone to distracted driving, adults can be just as guilty. Parents need to set an example and turn off their cell phone when driving or put it on silent.

The single most important way to spread awareness about distracted driving is through education. Read the statistics, talk about them and share the information with your kids, family, friends and co-works.

Visit Distraction.gov to learn about specific state laws governing the use of cell phones and hand-held devices while driving. Also visit End Distracted Driving (EndDD).