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An Oil Tanker Crashed Into a Light House Off Staten Island

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On Saturday, November 3 an oil tanker crashed a lighthouse off the coast of Staten Island. The tanker, Axel Spirit, slammed into the light house tower at around 2 a.m. The tanker damaged the tower’s legs, so the tower’s light is no longer rotating and is not considered reliable. The light is still working though.

No injuries were found aboard the tanker and no pollution of oil was reported. The incident occurred during the remains of Hurricane Noel which caused 5 foot waves and 25-knot winds.

The shipping lanes are still open, but the Coast Guard are asking ships to stay away from Ambrose Light until it is repaired. As of now the Coast Guard has set up temporary navigation until everything is fixed.

There are other navigation aids in the area, “but it’s very important that all of the mariners out there know about this one so they don’t come too close to it,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Annie Berlin.

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